Wednesday, July 24, 2019

About Pesticides Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

About Pesticides - Essay Example Use of chemicals therefore results to minimum tillage a practice that reduces soil erosion. This prevents water bodies’ siltation which causes imbalance in the aquatic environment (Matthews 2006, p.21) One of the major effects of pesticides to the environment is destruction of aqua system. When pesticides are washed away by rainfall, they are taken into the water bodies. When consumed by aquatic animals it causes complications in their bodies leading to death (Matthews 2006, p.13) Human being is also affected by these chemicals when they are released in the environment. The release of these chemicals causes body complications such as breathing complications. Some of these diseases cause human death. In addition to this, when plants are sprayed by pesticides, they may end up accumulating in the body of human being through ingestion causing body disorders and diseases such as cancer (Matthews 2006) In conclusion, pesticides fumes are cited as great contributors of global warming and therefore, use of pesticides should be highly discouraged and instead uphold organic farming. On the other hand reduced tillage as a result of use of pesticides gives farmers time to participate in other social activities that involve

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