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How to Write a Computer Science Research Paper

How to Write a Computer Science Research Paper When asked to write a computer science research paper, or any research paper, one should always keep in mind that a good research paper is one that clearly spells out the problem it is addressing and the results achieved from carrying out the research. The research paper should also elaborate on what has already been done in an attempt to resolve the problem and identifying new developments aimed at solving the problem more efficiently. For instance, if one is writing a research paper on describing novel technical results, one may decide to explore the four available types of technical results – (1) namely the algorithm, (2) the system construct, (3) the performance evaluation, and (4) a collection of theories. Such a paper would focus on sufficiently describing the detailed results with the aim of establishing and demonstrating the validity of those results. The paper would also identify novel perspectives of the results or point out things that are not so obvious about the situation or problem. The paper would also identify the importance of the results of the research being written about with the aim of indicating how these results improve or impact on the problem. A typical research paper, such as one on computer science, should begin with an abstract which is typically a paragraph of about 150 words. After the abstract is the introduction which, just like the abstract, should be brief and serve to introduce the problem, outline the solution, and give a clear statement pointing out the importance of the problem and possible solutions to the problem. After summarizing the problem, the next thing would be interpreting any related work. This is the place where the writer points out any other works that are similar to those used in the research paper. Once the introduction of the research paper is complete, the writer should now embark on writing the body of the paper and this should entail writing about the problem being covered by the research paper, the approach the research paper takes in attempting to find a solution to the problem, and the results of the experiment conducted while trying to understand the problem and seek viable solutions to it. Finally, the body of the paper is the main part of the Computer science research paper and it contains the most details about the essay. It should contain sufficient motivation and should also have some examples that illustrate the issue being discussed with the aim of enabling the readers to understand the issue better. The essay should then end with a conclusion.

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Critical analysis of a book, Nectar in a Sieve Essay

Critical analysis of a book, Nectar in a Sieve - Essay Example The hint of change provided in the lower status of Rukmani’s marriage is carried forward with the building of the tannery in her husband’s village. Conflicts of tradition and the outside world begin to insinuate themselves into Rukmani’s life, bringing change almost faster than she can adjust. Struggling through poverty and heartbreak, as well as the changing socioeconomic culture of their village, Rukmani demonstrates a quiet, pragmatic dignity that is concerned with life. By telling the story of a young Indian woman as she weds her husband and grows old with him, raises a family and suffers several hardships along the way, author Kamala Markandaya strives to present a picture of a changing world and how it is the love of a family that overcomes these tremendous challenges. Markandaya’s novel is a fictional account of an Indian woman’s experience in the rural villages of India presented in first-person narrative voice from Rukmani’s perspective. Because she never provides a village name or date, it is impossible to determine exactly when the story is taking place, giving it a timeless quality that speaks equally today as it did when it was written, shortly after India became independent of Britain. â€Å"Some readers of Nectar in a Sieve see Kamala Markandaya’s portrayal of Indian peasants as mythlike. One figure often mentioned as a model for Rukmani is the goddess Sita. Sita emerged from the earth into life when her stepfather was plowing his fields and became the wife of the Hindu god Rama. In the great epic poem Ramayana, Sita is a symbol of devotion, never-ending patience, and self-sacrifice. In art, she is often shown gazing at Rama with blissful happiness† (â€Å"Study Guide†, n.d.). Rukmani is indeed pr esented as the epitome of self-sacrifice and patience within the novel, consistently working to uphold the traditional beliefs of her

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Multiple Regression Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Multiple Regression - Term Paper Example Oftentimes, when a model is too simple that it only contains one independent variable, such a model is of limited value because the predictions made from such models are too inaccurate to be useful in a real-world setting. Thus, when one wants to be able to predict an outcome at a more precise level, it is more advantageous to use the information that may be provided by two or more variables in an explanatory framework (Burt, Barber, & Rigby, 2009). Thus, multiple regression analysis should allow an analyst to arrive at better predictions. For example, a student may want to find out the perfect model to getting high grades in school. Using the results of his individual exams as the dependent variable, he may hypothesize that amount of time spent studying, amount of sleep taken the night before the exam, amount of beer drank the night before the exam, caloric intake (or a fancy phrase for how heavy his meal was) prior to taking the exam, and even the presence of his lucky rabbitâ€⠄¢s foot are possible factors for scoring well in the exam. Using multiple regression analysis, the student may find out that amount of time spent studying, amount of sleep taken the night before the exam, and amount of beer drank the night before the exam are significant predictors of his exam scores. ... For example, oncologists may be interested in the best predictors of lung cancer, educators may want to know what are the best predictors of SAT scores, and psychologists would want to find out which factors best predict depression among a particular age group. These questions may all be answered with the help of multiple regression. 2.0 Computational approach The main goal of linear regression, in this case, multiple regression, is to be able to fit a regression line through a number of given points (Wang & Jain, 2003). This regression line is sometimes called the line of best fit and this is the line that represents the regression model of a given problem. These points are usually best represented graphically in a scatter plot. While it is quite easy to produce a scatter plot when there is only one independent and one dependent variable, multiple regression presents the challenge of having more than one independent variable thus making the practice of making a scatterplot impractic al (Dekking, 2005). 2.1 Least Squares In regression modeling, the basic estimation procedure used is the least squares method (Black, 2010). Since the main goal of linear regression is to fit a line through the points, least squares estimation is used to compute this line in such a way that the squared deviations of the observed points from this line are minimized (Wang & Jain, 2003). 2.2 The Regression Equation The bivariate form of simple linear regression produces a two-dimensional line in a two-dimensional space. This equation is defined by: Y = a + bX, where Y is the dependent variable being forecasted by the regression model, X is the independent variable

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Real Estate Reservation System Essay Example for Free

Real Estate Reservation System Essay And helps to easily check the availability status of various properties. The assence of system is really important to be realized by each and every business. Giving importance to it makes a big difference of somehow uplifting of improving the process of the company. Floyd and Allen (2008), In recent years, many economists have recognized that the lack of effective real estate laws can be a significant barrier to investigate in many developing countries. In most societies, rich and poor, a significant fraction of the total wealth is in the form of land and buildings. Real Estate is a piece of land, including the air above, the ground below, and any buildings of structures on it. Real Estate can include business and or residential properties and are generally sold either by a relator or directly by individual who owns property. In the Philippines, one of the growing businesses is Real Estate development. Aside from the development and rising of tall buildings and establishment in the metropolitan area, nearby provinces are now on the stage of land development with its continuous expansion in the provinces such as, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga and Batangas. Some people may benefits from knowing about Real Estate when faced with personal and business decisions relating to housing, investment and other business activities. The researchers chose this topic because it will help the Employed Citizen of †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦City to know the effectiveness of Online Reservation System. Theoretical/Conceptual Framework Roosevelt (2008), Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth. The researchers chose the paradigm thru Floyd and Allen (2008) words that coordinated with the problems of this study. In order to understand the flow of the study, the researchers prepared a research paradigm. Employed Citizen of †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. City Hall Yr. 2012-2013 Effectiveness Accessibility Availability Uses Investment Housing Business Activities Fig 1. Research Paradigm The purpose of this is to illustrate the effectiveness of Online Reservation System in the Employed Citizen of †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. City Hall. Statement of the Problem This study was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Online Reservation System to the Real Estate Company, especially this study is sought to answer the following questions. 1. What are the uses of Real Estate Online Reservation System in terms of: 1. 1 Investment; 1. 2 Housing; 1. 3 Business activities? 2. Does the effectiveness of the study corresponds with the following: 2. 1 Accessibility; 2. 2 Availability? 3. Is there an effectiveness in using Online Reservation system the Employed Citizen of †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦. City Hall? Hypothesis

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Alexander The Great :: essays research papers

Alexander the Great(Alexander III) (356-323 BC) â€Å"My son, ask for thyself another kingdom, for that which I leave is too small for thee.† (King Philip of Macedonia, 339 BC) From victory to victory, from triumph to triumph Alexander created an empire that marked history and brought him eternal glory. Alexander brought Greek ideas, culture and mentality to the conquered countries and assured expansion and domination of the Hellenistic Culture which together with the Roman Civilization and Christianity presents the fundaments of what is now called Western Civilization. -Born in Pella, Macedonia, 356 BC, parents were Olympias and Philip II (legends of Alex having gods for parents: Zeus and Olympias) Olympias supposedly is an ancestor of Achilles, While Philip’s is Hercules 12 yrs old: only child able to tame horse Buecephalus(Ox head), who would later carry him in all his conquests until his death in India(city of Buecephala) 13-16 yrs old taught by Aristotle 340 BC Philip goes on expedition to Byzantium, leaves Alexander, prince regent to rule Macedonia. During this time, Alexander conquered the Maedi, a troublesome Thracian tribe. Made Alexandropolis 337 BC Philip II is assassinated; Alexander takes over, not all approve of him -Only half Macedonian -Did not care, and proceeded to kill all allegedly linked to father’s murder 335 BC takes Thebes 334-333 BC Phrygia- cuts Gordian knot, which could only be undone by the man who was to rule Asia. Battle of Issus- Victory- Crushes Darius II of Persia Darius flees- left behind entire family, and tent filled with 3000 talents of gold (today in U.S.- 1.2 billion $) gains most of western Asia Minor 332- reaches Egypt, Egypt welcomes him as their great liberator Founded Alexandria 331- Battle of Arbela- crushed Darius again, Babylon recognizes Alexander as King of Asia Alexander enters Susa and Persepolis uncontested 329-328- defeated Scythians(nomads who had murdered Macedonians) at Jaxartes 327-326 Invasion of India – capture of Porus

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Psychology week 5 Assignment Essay

Take a look at the material on sensation seeking on page 286 (Ch. 11). Do you consider yourself a sensation seeker? Why or why not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your level of sensation seeking? Based on the questions in the text, I think right now I’m a good mix of both. I like travelling and gaining new experiences but I don’t go out of my way to do it. However, I also like the stability of being able to stay in one place. I also know that the more experience you gain the more your priorities seem to change and that means that whether you’re a sensation seeker or not might be where you are in life. The advantages of my level of sensation seeking are that my life experiences have given me a good balance of both. Right now, I’m comfortable where I am. The disadvantage would be maybe I’m too comfortable and I might get complacent. How would you rate your own achievement motivation? Why? In what ways is this advantage to you? In what ways is it a disadvantage? My own achievement motivation is pretty high. I set goals for myself and those who report to me. The goals I set for myself and my team are pretty high and I am driven to achieve those goals. This is an advantage because being goal driven is important in being successful in my career. It’s a disadvantage because it takes time away from my family. What did you learn about yourself from reading about the trait theories of personality? Based on the theories, supposedly I’m a mild mannered extrovert that is sometimes obsessive but easily adjusted. I’ve always found myself somewhat of a balanced person but after reading the traits I had to question that. I’m not one of anything but I am many of everything at different times in my life. What did you learn about yourself from reading the other theories of personality? (List and explain at least three things.) Based on the biological theories of personality I learned that my own personality is a combination of many things and not just one thing. Using Freud’s psychodynamic theory, I learned that my ego is what keeps the id and superego in check and that sometimes the failure of the ego to satisfy both results in my anxiety about certain things. Roger’s humanistic approach suggests that children are influenced by their parents and need their approval by doing things to please them in order to receive more love. I learned that one of the reason I am the way I am is because deep down I still seek approval not just from my parents but also those who have significance in all aspects of my life. How will you use this material on personality to improve your relationships (personal and/or professional)? I will make use of the material on personality to improve my relationships by recognizing situations that make me anxious or where I am quick to be angered. I will take a step back to assess the situation and learn to be more patient. I will try to be more understanding and put myself in the shoes of the other person. The personality theories have taught me that the way I am and the way I react to situations is a result of many things including the way I was raised as well as my environment. References: Siri Carpenter. Visualizing Psychology, 2nd Edition., 2009. Bookshelf. Web. 10 June 2013 .

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The Prize The Epic Quest For Oil, Money, And Power Essay

Oil has repeatedly been referred to as any economy’s lifeblood. Whereas this is an overemphasis, oil has been the utmost key, nonhuman resource of economy throughout the largest part of the 20th century. In the book â€Å"The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, And Power† by Daniel Yergin, the author illustrates the political, societal, economic, and geo-strategic prominence of this product. The book was published by Simon and Schuster in 2011 in New York, and contains 928 pages, as its ISBN is 1439134839. This research paper aims to provide a book review on Daniel Yergin’s â€Å"The Prize.† In the â€Å"The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, And Power,† Yergin undertakes the reader upon a thorough and enjoyable journey through oil history, from the first 1859 well drilling by Colonel Edwin in Pennsylvania during up to the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein in a wrathful grab for oil and wealth in 1990 August. Yergin explores the role of oil in warfare, depicts the ever-changing organization of the oil sector, and examines the prominent, as well as often flamboyant petroleum players. The book is a well-researched and well-written, and supplement to a history branch, which until very lately, had been regrettably neglected—history of business. These are amongst the cycles and roots recollected by Yergin within a work, which deserves to be the standard manuscript on oil history. Half energy expert and half historian, Yergin, the president and confounder of CambridgeShow MoreRelatedThe Prize : The Epic Quest For Oil, Money, And Power By Daniel Yergin Essay2163 Words   |  9 Pages Oil has often been referred to as any economy’s lifeblood. Although this is an overemphasis, oil has been the key, nonhuman resource of the economy throughout the largest part of the 20th century. In the book â€Å"The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, And Power† by Daniel Yergin, the author illustrates the political, s ocietal, economic, and geo-strategic importance of this product. Yergin is the IHS Vice Chairman, and as their website tells us, he is also a Pulitzer-Prize winning author andRead MoreThe Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power by Daniel Yergin2281 Words   |  9 Pageshighly respected individual in international politics, economics and power. Despite being a Pulitzer Prize Winner, he is also the recipient of the 1997 United State Energy Award for his achievement in power and the promotion of international understanding. He has written extensive accounts on the global changes towards political and economic destiny of the world since WWII. His book ‘The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power’ published in 1992, which depicted the turmoil in Russia’s move toRead MoreEconomic Issues Independent Research Assignment965 Words   |  4 Pagesthe causes and consequences of the changing price of WTI crude oil and recent trends in the global price of oil. It will also include the effects of the ever-changing price o f oil on individuals, business firms, governments and the economy. Data Price per barrel The price per barrel for oil has substantially fluctuated over the years, but in this current year of 2015 it has been kept to a reasonably low price. The price of crude oil WTI on the 21st of February 2015 is $50.34 US a barrel as shownRead MoreThe Iraq War1487 Words   |  6 Pagesinfluence world politics is primarily based on much power they have. In purely academic terms, power is the ability of Actor A to get Actor B to do something that B would otherwise not do; the ability to get the other side to make concessions and to avoid having to make concessions oneself (Frieden P. A-6). Power is usually represented by the capability of a state to preserve or tip the balance of power towards their own national interests. Balance of power refers to a situation in which the military capabilitiesRead MoreThe Epic Quest For Oil, Money, And Power2499 Words   |  10 Pageshalf of its oil supply, weakening its overall strategic position and adding greatly to an already burdensome trade def icit – a precarious position for a great power† (Yergin 14). So said Daniel Yergin in the prologue of his 1990 bestseller The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power. Today, oil retains its importance in the hydrocarbon societies of developed and developing countries as a major engine of economic growth, but the story is not so simple. When Yergin wrote The Prize, the UnitedRead MoreReality Is Broken Summary14202 Words   |  57 Pagescontrast, the real world is feeling like missing something. Collectively, the planet is now spending more than 3 billion hours a week gaming. Why so many gamers? Gamers want to know where in the real world gamer could sense of being fully alive, feel power, heart expanding thrill of success or team victory. They can experience these feelings in the games more than in the real world. Game and gamers create a huge amount profit and potentiality We have turned digital games for computers, mobile phonesRead MoreGreek Mythology8088 Words   |  33 Pages  Greek  culture  recognized  no  single  truth  or  code  and  produced  no  sacred,  written  text  like   the  Bible  or  the  Qur’an.  Stories  about  the  origins  and  actions  of  Greek  divinities  varied  widely,   depending,  for  example,  on  whether  the  tale  appeared  in  a  comedy,  tragedy,  or  epic  poem.  Greek   mythology  was  like  a  complex  and  rich  language,  in  which  the  Greeks  could  express  a  vast  range  of   perceptions  about  the  world.   A  Greek  city ­state  devoted  itself  to  a  particular  god  or  group  of  gods  in  whose  honor  it  built  temples.   Read MoreEnergy Policy3086 Words   |  13 PagesModule Handbook – 2013 Programme: University of Plymouth BSc Oil and Gas Management Module Title: International Energy Policy Level: 5 Credits: 15 Delivery Period: February – May 2013 Total Study Time: 150 hours, comprising 40 classroom hours and 110 hours of personal study. |Module Leader: |Dr Cassandra Martinez-King | |Module Leader’s ContactRead MoreDubais Political and Economic Development: Essay38738 Words   |  155 Pages Table of Contents I Persian Gulf Development Literature Oil Curse Literature Arab and Islamic Factors Regional Ovemiew and Historical Background Dubais Development History I1 PI1 Explaining Dubai9sDevelopment Outcome Why Not Other Gulf States? Dubai versus the Development Literature IV Dubai in a Cornparatbe Corntext Saudi Arabia Qatar Brunei Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Introduction Dubai, a tiny, oil-exporting city-state located in the Persian Gulf, has recentlyRead MoreImpact of Science on Society38421 Words   |  154 Pagesfree thinking-until they realized that you could print indulgences with it. People bought the indulgences, because when they did that they got remission of some sins. With all the demand for instant salvation that followed, the Church made a million-money to build the Vatican, pay Michelangelo’s bill, and generally get involved in prestigious projects that made certain German clerics really mad at this consumerist, moneymaking approach to religion. One of these Germanic chaps nailed up his criticisms